A Blondie Abroad has become a destination to not only be inspired for your next holiday, but to also find the best places to stay, eat and visit. So, how did we get here…   

It all began when I met my partner Tom. Hailing from similar (career) backgrounds in Marketing, Digital Marketing and eCommerce we had a lot in common. What we were soon to discover was Tom’s love of photography and my drive to travel were two passion plays that went seamlessly hand-in-hand.

Tom taught me how to photograph professionally and more importantly, how to see the beauty in not only the vastest landscapes but also in the little unnoticed details that we uncover along the way.  

I pushed Tom out of his comfort zone and into places that he didn’t even know he wanted to visit. The more cities we visited, the more the travel bug sunk its claws into him.

Nowadays, our passion plays have all but intertwined into one. And so, our yin and yang formed to create a clear shade of grey and from this happy union, A Blondie Abroad was created. Through our creative collaboration we compose and photograph together and through my written word we share our journeys and our destinations with you. All of the things we do, the sites we see, the places we stay and most of food we eat (I promise I won’t ever show you any of those non-delicious places). We also produce photography and videography content for hospitality and travel partners we meet along the way.

Join the journey and wander with us, seeing the world through my eyes.

Sam x


P.s you can follow Tom on Instagram via @tomboxphotography to see his solo photography work.