Even before the days of Instagram, capturing precious holiday memories via a camera lens was always high on my agenda. Having worked for high end fashion designers in Marketing and eCommerce for quite some time I am no stranger to a professional photo shoot and came to realise very quickly it takes a fairly large team to execute the perfect image. Coming back to us, living in real life and travelling the world there is no artificial lighting, no wind machine, no hairstylist ensuring every strand is in place, no makeup artist and no stylist (or any of their assistants). Personally, I'm glad that there isn't, a little rawness in life is bliss. You will always see the genuine version of my trips, just me exploring as I always have and here are some tips and tricks I swear by to get myself looking (almost) professional photoshoot without too much manipulation or an army of professionals behind the scenes. 

Hair For Days
Whilst on the road is can be really easy between days of swimming, washing, blow drying and styling to let your hair become a little neglected. I always keep up my regular haircare routine and pack my usual shampoo, conditioner and leave in oils to keep my hair protected and lush at all times. To get camera ready I always find investing in a great blow dry is never going to lead you astray. I have never mastered the art of blow drying my own hair (especially in the back) but with hair dressers and blow dry bars everywhere, it is so easy to pop in for a quick wash and style. For a cheaper, easy at home option I always travel with my ghd (it can also double as an iron for any little wrinkles on clothes) and my curling wand. Practice makes perfect with these tools and once you have the technique down pat you’ll be styling your hair with your eyes closed. If you need some extra help learning the art of this I would highly recommend having a look on YouTube (also known as a beauty bloggers paradise) as they do great tutorials and it’s how I learnt. Always make sure you prep your hair with a good heat protecting product and finish with a great leave in.
Find out more of my haircare tips for travelling here.

Skin That Glows
It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4. Exfoliate, tan, moisturise and glow. I have different routines to prep my face vs the rest of my body. For my body I will always start a trip with a round of fake tan as my skin probably hasn’t been exposed to a lot of sun and pasty isn’t a great look for me. To prep I always start with a great exfoliation scrub before applying my fake tan. I generally use the Model Co Mousse or Bondi Sands Mousse, but in saying that depending on your skin you will have to trial a few out to find one that is perfect for you. It took me many many applications to find the right tan for me. I will always opt for a tan that has a longer developing time and leave it on for as long as possible (sometimes even sleeping in in, just to make sure it really holds). Post tan application it then becomes all about regular moisturising and not sweating it out. When I’m out and about I finish the look with a subtle glow. I vary between dusting powders to liquid bronzers and oils. Some of my favourites include Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body, Nars Monoi Body Oil I, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Oil Spray For Hair And Body and <insert loose powder>, in photos these shimmering bronzers will reflect the light and make your skin glow the way a face highlighter does. For my face it is all about maintaining my regular routine with a big focus around cleansing and hydration. If I apply fake tan to my body I will always also apply to my face too as I find it creates a great base to apply makeup on over the top. But there is more about this in the next paragraph.

The Magic of Makeup
For me there is always a bit of an element of less is more, keep it natural and glowy. Once you have mastered your fake tan base you should be able to keep a relatively simple makeup routine just to slightly enhance your features. After all, if you are travelling you don’t want to be spending hours on this. After applying a primer (hello hydration, keep that coming!) I like to simply apply a tinted moisturiser, my favourite is the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint and then layer with powder, bronzer and highlighter. I generally save a light contour for evenings only. Finish eyes with a quick lashing of mascara. Finally, a quick mist of Urban Decay Setting Spray to keep your look in place all day long. If you want to lift the bar with your makeup application skills definitely have a look through YouTube and a lot of make-up brands will have tutorials on their websites of how to apply the product. I actually did a quick tutorial in store which really helped me master contouring had previously been a challenge for me. And just like that you should be finished and glowing in less than 20 minutes.

Get Physical
Unlike the above, quick tricks that will create an instant transformation having a healthy lifestyle, eating well and exercising regularly is a long game and something I am the first person to raise my hand and say 'I haven't perfected myself'. This is something I have truly struggled with for the last few years, with every year that passes I see my metabolism weaken and things that I used to be able to get away with... well now, not so much. There is no doubt in my mind that a well-balanced diet combined with a strong exercise regime will give you a great body and tighten and tone in all the right places, but also generate a glow from within that can’t be created with product. Cutting to my reality, I eat really healthy balanced meals day-in-day-out, but I have a major sweet tooth that lets me down come dessert time. I work out regularly, but I know I can push myself harder and be a little more engaged with it. For you, I would encourage you to take a look at what you are eating, you don't have to be a chef to create great meals. I love Jaime Oliver and the simplicity of his 5 Ingredients and 15 Minute Meals books, as they are a great way to get some basics down pat and a lot of the time I will take elements from a recipe but add my own sides of vegetables etc. When travelling for extended periods, I like to book a few Air BnB's in the mix to have access to a full kitchen to break up the constant eating out. As for exercise, when travelling it is all about taking the effort to put an hour (or half) aside to work on yourself and try to be as active through the day as you can. My favourite way of doing this is as simple as taking the stairs not the lift and walking as much as possible instead of catching the Metro or a bus (you see so much more this way too!).

The equipment 
Finally, let’s talk about the object that is actually capturing this special moment. They say the camera doesn't lie, but in my experience, it can show a whole lot more than is necessary, amplifying every pore, stray hair or fine line (apparently as a society we asked for High Definition technology, but really soft focus was much more flattering!). Personally, I don't like iPhone photography, I find it only performs really well under certain lighting and can sometimes leave a bit of a grain or blur to the images (especially when I'm twirling my way through life). Wherever possible I prefer to have the big gun (aka a professional camera) on hand. Currently we are using a Canon 6D with a variety of lenses, which has been a dream boat of a camera. Sometimes it isn't possible to carry such a large camera around, so my second choice is my Sony Cybershot RX100 which is compact, easy point and shoot and connects to my iPhone. With a bit of an investment in the tech, you will see a massive difference in the quality of your images.