On Summer holidays, it can be very easy between days of swimming, washing, blow drying and styling to neglect your hair whilst travelling. With a few small tweaks to your haircare routine, you can work in some of these tips and tricks to keep your hair luscious, shiny and strong.  

Keep up with your regular products
Being on the road doesn't mean it is time to simplify your routine - no excuses for not packing/using a good shampoo, conditioner and leave in product (my favourite at the moment is the Goldwell Exlir Oil Treatment). A lot of haircare brands offer smaller sized bottles, or you can by travel sized bottles to fill from your local supermarket. My trick is to use a bottle and only leave the amount I need for my time away so that it will be finished and I can throw it away before I do the return leg of my adventure. If you are swimming a lot and need some extra nourishment pack a 10min or overnight treatment for some extra hair love.

Dry shampoo is my hero
Apart from being a general miracle maker extending the life of your do, dry shampoo is a great tool for adding extra body and giving your hair texture to style with. Anything that will make my blow dry last longer and reduce washes - I bow down to you! My favourite is Batiste Dry Shampoo.

Sleeping with wet hair
As a night showerer with thick hair, I often go to bed while my hair isn't 100% dry. If this is done incorrectly you could end up with dry and damaged hair. Firstly, don't ever go to bed with drenched or dripping hair, aim to get your hair at least 80% dry even if it means giving it a light blow dry. Secondly, if your hair is damp don't tie it back with a hair tie as it can create tension and breakage. Invest in a cute school style scrunchie if you need to keep your hair back, an added bonus it won't leave dents in your hair.

Get yourself a silk pillowcase
Moving around in your sleep is a given, but that movement can create hair to fabric friction. Invest in a silk pillowcase before damage is done! The smooth surface means less agitation on your hair eliminating frizz and split ends. For an added bonus silk pillowcases also reduce the risk of wrinkles on your face - one stone, two birds. This is something that is really small to travel with but will have maximum results, simply put your silk pillowcase over the hotel pillow you are sleeping on. I love the Slip Silk Pillowcase, available from Netaporter.

Brush on
Brushing your hair is a balancing act, you need to brush it enough to keep it knot free but not so much that you are overdoing it which can actually cause damage. I try to only brush my hair morning and night, using a good quality brush that massages the scalp and lifts dry skin. To keep the hair looking healthy and shiny it is important to brush enough to distribute the natural oils in your hair down the lengths. Also, remember to never brush your hair while it is wet - always use a comb.

Happy haircare fun!