Across the Adriatic Sea and to the Balkan Peninsula, I find myself at my next stop: Split, Croatia. The city is the perfect contrast of beautiful old buildings made of white limestone and marble offset by crystal clear turquoise ocean and the dramatic mountain ranges that frame the outskirts of the city. A lively little city, which centres around an old town, it has the best of historical elements mixed with a little modernity and nightlife. Although Split was only a quick stop off for me, it is the perfect introduction to the Dalmatian way of life and culture.  

My favourite things to do and eat
Wander through Diocletian's Palace which is a Unesco World Heritage site. This Roman monument is more like a fortress, taking up almost half of old town. Check out the Peristyle Square and the Cathedral of St Domnius. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the bell tower to Saint Domnius, together they form the Cathedral of St Domnius. If you aren’t afraid of height (or small spaces) climb all the way to the top of the bell tower and enjoy the stunning panoramic views of Split. While you are near the Peristyle Square, find the Egyptian Sphinx – no need to travel to Egypt! Originally twelves were brought to Split however unfortunately only one has survived and it can be found here. While you’re there, enjoy a rest and do some people watching on the steps.

Continue through the streets and alleyways of old town, this is another place where the best thing to do is just wander, get lost and discover the gems along the way. Once you’ve found yourself again, head down to the Riva, walk along the waterfront and treat yourself to some pancakes (palačinke), don’t be shy and make sure you get one with all the toppings: Nutella, bananas and ice-cream.

Finally, venture uphill (we did it on foot and it was quite a hike in 33 degree weather) to a restaurant called Vidilica. Stop here for an afternoon drink and enjoy the incredible views overlooking Split and so completes our stop off in Split.


Croatia, TravelSam Reynolds