Beautiful Rome, one of my favourite cities and the first stop on my A Blondie Abroad adventure. I love the combination of ancient history, awe-inspiring architecture, delicious food and fun culture. Plus it is a great place to shop! There is something special about Rome and I have always felt a connection here, whether it is your first or your fifth visit Rome it continues to amaze, inspire and excite.

My favourite things to do and see
This city is best explored on foot, hidden gems lay down the most unassuming alleyways and losing yourself in tangled lanes of this historic city is all apart of the adventure. My favourite landmarks to see and experience include the Trevi Fountain - there is something so magical about this spot, the awe-inspiring Pantheon, Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza Navona - a great spot to stop for an afternoon cocktail, the iconic Colosseum, and don't forget to take a wander through the Roman Forum too. Of course, you can't visit Rome without visiting Vatican City, and a great half-day trip to explore their endless museums.

My favourite spot to eat
Rome is all about exploring and getting yourself lost down a labyrinth of hidden alleyways, which is often where the best spots to eat are. I have been told many times the best restaurants are the ones off the beaten track with no wifi and no English on the menu. However, if you want something nice and easy without having to go soul searching for it, my favourite restaurant in the heart of Rome is Baccano. We ate there multiple times during our stay and loved the delicious food, yummy cocktails and great atmosphere. Also, no trip to Rome is complete without overeating some authentic Italian gelato - there are so many great spots around the city to be discovered along the way.

My favourite shopping spots
Shopping is always a secondary bonus for me when travelling, so I kept my shopping excursion fairly simple. Venturing down Via del Corso I found all of the usual European stores such as Zara and H&M. My other hot spot was the Spanish Steps, home of the international luxury designers. The boutiques begin from the Corso when you turn down Via del Condotti and follow it through to the Spanish Steps.


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