Madrid has a lot for everyone, so it will be really hard for you not to fall for this beautiful and versatile city. A melting pot of culinary talent, stunning architecture, things to do and see, great weather and beautiful people, lead by a new generation of Madrileños it is a reawakened city that is not to be missed.

The Culture
There is no doubt that Madrid is a modern capital city, but it has kept its Spanish charm and authenticity. Endless tapas bars line the streets, people wake late and close up shop for a siesta – not much has changed from the olden traditions. Being inland (and not having a beach) the culture here is much more centred around its nightlife. There is an endless variety of restaurants, bars and clubs that keep the locals going well into the evening.  

The Weather
With days through July and August averaging 31 degree highs and remaining warm and sunny for a good portion of the rest of the year Madrid has the perfect climate for a Spring and/or Summer escape. This means you can soak up the sunshine and enjoy the outdoors in Madrid’s beautiful parks (like Retiro Park), squares (like Plaza Mayor) and have some fun at their street parties (like the ones in La Latina on a Sunday). There aren’t many rainy days to ruin the fun.

The Architecture
This city is one of those to look up at the buildings not down at your feet. Beyond the incredible landmarks and monuments, like The Royal Palace and the Metropolis Building, Madrid is the kind of city that has stunning architecture riddled through its core. Walking down the Gran Vía and further into the backstreets I was delighted at some of the beautiful architecture that I discovered along the way.   

The Locals
Unlike some cities that are overwhelmed with tourists, which can sometimes cause angst among the locals who are trying to go about their daily routines, Madrid’s economy hasn’t relied too heavily on drawing the tourist masses. This has resulted in a perfect harmony between the locals and the tourists. Madrid locals are proud of their city and their culture and are more than happy to have a chat or simply give you directions. We met some beautiful people working in cafes and restaurants who were friendly souls, just making sure we were having a great time.

The Food
Madrid is a mecca for food culture. The best part is, you don’t have to go to a Michelin starred restaurant to find the best food in here – although there a handful of those too. Wandering the back streets of La Latina, the trendy food halls and the small family run restaurants are the best places to be. Traditional Spanish eats and every International cuisine, there is deliciousness at every budget. Fun fact, Madrid is home to the world’s oldest restaurant, Botín which first opened in 1725 and still using their famous wood fire oven. Food lovers rejoice!

Spain, TravelSam Reynolds